my photo world

I have to say right away, I am just a photo amateur, but a big enthusiast!

For the time being, I am challenged by the subjects and composition, but hopefully I´ll soon become more skilled in the technical area of photography as well.

I shot my photos everywhere and at any time available. I have a particular weakness for landscapes and sunrise/sunsets, and I occasionally experiment a little with HDR techniques.

Since we spend time i Northern Norway every year, this area is naturally one of my favorites, and I don´t miss any opportunity to take some shots there.

This summer holidays were partly spent in Northern Norway and North Cape, be welcome to see my pictures!

You are welcome to comment on my photos.


name Heidi Sitara Fjeldvig
photo experience: Amateur
favorite camera Nikon D80
camera desire: Nikon D700

favorite magazines:
Digital Photography
MacFormat UK
Digital Foto

favorite travel destinations:
Nothern Norway
Cruising in the Mediteranien
Santorini and greek islands

my latest pictures:
Water leak
2009 Christmas
North Cape 2009
Burøysund 2009

Some of the photo albums have english text